Stop Guessing and Validate What Your Customers Want

Natalie Warnert

In agile, everything we do is an experiment. Product development is no different. We think we know what the customer wants, and the customer thinks they know what they want, but it turns out we're all wrong! To get to validated discoveries about our features, we must understand how to write a better hypothesis for our development experiments. This session focuses on challenging the mindset that we are validating options during our experiments. Natalie Warnert will show you how to eliminate options that don't work with data and feedback by looking at your product hypotheses as tests that cannot be proven. This way of testing your product design preserves options and helps to eliminate choosing the wrong thing because of your confirmation and customer biases. Natalie will present key metrics you can use to help guide your experiments and practical ways to look at your ideas as something to test, rather than validate. You will walk away with an understanding of what it means to value learning over output and how that shift can significantly improve your ability to delight customers with valuable software.

About the Presenter

As a developer turned agile consultant, Natalie Warnert deeply understands and embraces the talent and environment it takes to build great products. From building the right product to building the product right, Natalie drives strategy and learning through validation. She has helped various Fortune 500 companies in their agile transformation in the last decade, including Travelers Insurance, Target, Thomson Reuters, and Salesforce. Natalie received her master of arts in organizational leadership and strategic management from St. Catherine University and demonstrates continued passion for increasing women’s involvement in the agile and technology community (#WomenInAgile). She chairs the half-day Women in Agile workshop at the Agile Alliance annual conference, which is going on its third successful year. You can read more about Natalie's ideas at

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