how many userstories  based on story points  and  tasks calculated   for the sprint 

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First of all you need to know your capacity based on size of your team. Then about story points, It is a relative term and does not directly co-relate to actual hours. Since story points have no relevance to actual hours, it makes it easy for scrum teams to think abstract about the effort required to complete a story.


But how do you know which story is a 3 and which is a five? In order to do that each team would have to find a baseline story. It does not have to be the smallest one, but one that all in the team can relate too. From then on all sizing should be done compared to that baseline. This also creates a lot of confusion as most scrum masters who come from a PMP background relate this immediately to hours. Story points do not relate to hours. So lets just not compare them. There is another technique called ideal hours which can be used.


That is soul of scrum learn and adapt iteratively. 

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