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STARWEST 2008: Performance Engineering: More Than Just Load Testing[presentation]

Performance testing that is done once or a few times as part of the system test is not the right approach for many systems that must change and grow for years.

Rex Black, QA Software Consultant/Trainer
Driving Development with Tests: ATDD and TDD[presentation]

A perennial wish of testers is to participate early in the projects we test-as early as when the requirements are being developed. We also often wish for developers to do a better job unit testing their programs.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
Reloadable Test Data for Manual Testing[presentation]

Do you need to execute and then quickly re-execute manual test cases under tight timelines? Do bugs marked as "Cannot Reproduce" bouncing back and forth between developers and testers frustrate your team?

Tanya Dumaresq, Macadamian Technologies
Managing Your Personal Stress Level[presentation]

In a recent survey of 130 U.S.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc
Beyond Functional Testing: On to Conformance and Interoperability[presentation]

Although less well known than security and usability testing, conformance and interoperability testing are just as important.

Derk-Jan Grood, Collis
Building an SOA Quality Center of Excellence[presentation]

Before we can realize the promises of technical agility and reuse from a distributed, service-oriented architecture (SOA), we must first establish trust among stakeholders that SOA will meet business requirements.

Rajeev Gupta, iTKO, Inc.
Demystifying Virtual Test Lab Management[presentation]

The benefits of a virtualized test lab environment are compelling and quantifiable--rapid provisioning and tear down of environments, faster test cycles, and powerful new capabilities to resolve defects.

Ian Knox, Skytap
The Savvy Web Tester's Tool Kit[presentation]

Did you know that you can get many free-or nearly free-tools to supercharge your Web testing efforts? Amazingly, at the click of a button, you can download some very advanced capabilities to make you seem like a testing genius.

Erik Petersen, Emprove
Calculate the Value of Testing: It's Not Just About Cost[presentation]

It seems that senior management is always complaining that testing costs too much. And their opinion is accurate if they consider only the costs-and not the benefits-of testing.

Leo Aalst, Sogeti Netherlands B.V.
Man and Machine: Combining Tools with the Human Mind[presentation]

When you think of automated testing, you usually think of computer software executing unattended tests. When you think of manual testing, you think of a human being executing tests without the aid of software.

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.
Testing AJAX Applications with Open Source Tools[presentation]

AJAX testers and developers have serious challenges developing unit tests, functional tests, and load/performance tests in a time when AJAX and other Web development technologies continue to expand.

Frank Cohen, PushToTest
End-To-End Test Automation for Complex Systems[presentation]

As a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment, Ericsson knows that test automation is a key factor for driving a successful test organization.

Thomas Thunell, Ericsson AB
Patterns and Practices for Model-Based Testing[presentation]

To apply model-based testing (MBT) to many different applications, simply learning the high-level principles is not enough. You need extra guidance and practice to help orient testers and developers to begin using models for testing.

Keith Stobie, Microsoft Corporation
STARWEST 2008: The Marine Corps Principles of Leadership for Testers[presentation]

You can have the best tools and processes in the world, but if your staff is not motivated and productive, your testing effort will be, at best, inefficient. Good test managers must also be good leaders.

Rick Craig, Software Quality Engineering
The Power of Specially Gifted Software Testers[presentation]

Specialisterne ("The Specialists") is a Danish company that employs people with very special capabilities to perform complex and difficult tasks, including software testing, quality control, and data conversion.

Thorkil Sonne, Specialisterne


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