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An Open Source Tool for RIA/Ajax Testing[presentation]

Building rich Internet applications (RIA) using Ajax is challenging partly because of all the variations in browser performance and functional issues.

Frank Cohen, PushToTest
An Agile Approach to Retail: A Data-Intrinsic Development Case Study[article]

Agile software development challenges traditional software development approaches. Rapidly changing environments characterized by evolving requirements and tight schedules require software developers to take an agile approach. These methods include practices such as short iterations, frequent releases, simple and emerging design, peer review, and on-site customer participation.

Dinesh  Mohata's picture Dinesh Mohata
Cheap and Free Test Tools[presentation]

Too often, testers have limited money, time, or both to purchase, learn, and implement the robust commercial test tools available today. However, as a tester, one of the best things you can have is your own personal testing toolkit.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services
After System Testing: Don't Forget Infrastructure Testing[presentation]

Traditionally, testing IT applications is done in isolation on a stand-alone platform.

David Watt, Lockheed Martin
Lesson Learned in the 24/7 Online Web World[presentation]

Managing a successful, rapidly changing Web site and trying to track the bugs is a never-ending process.

Jane Fraser, Electronic Arts
The New Era of Community-based Testing[presentation]

Professionals are being confronted by a growing list of challenges-shorter release cycles, increased expectations, smaller budgets, and fewer testing resources.

Doron Reuveni, uTest
Updating Your Testing Methods for Web 2.0[presentation]

Web 2.0 moves much of the application functionality directly into the browser. While creating a richer user-experience that everyone craves, these technologies pose significant new challenges for testing.

Matt Brayley, Borland
Top Ten Automation Questions and Their Answers[presentation]

As software becomes more complex, many strategic test automation issues emerge that put test automation projects and improvement programs more at risk than ever.

Mukesh Mulchandani, ZenTEST Labs
STAREAST 2009: The Irrational Tester: Avoiding the Pitfalls[presentation]

As a tester or test manager, have you ever wondered whether reason actually plays a part in some management decisions? It seems that many decisions are influenced by far more-or far less-than rational analysis. Surprise!

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions, Ltd.
STAREAST 2009: Testing Dialogues - Management Issues[presentation]

What is the biggest management problem you are facing in 2009? Doing more with less? Demonstrating the value of testing to your company? Improving your team's skills while keeping up with projects? Automating more tests?

Rob Sabourin,
A Test Offshoring Model that Works[presentation]

USG is a Fortune 500 building products manufacturer with over fifty North American locations.

Brook Klawitter, USG, Corp.
Challenges in SOA Performance Testing[presentation]

A system built using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) consists of many different services that interact with each other to provide the system's functionality.

Manikanda Viswanathan, Cognizant Technology
STAREAST 2009: What Price Truth? When a Tester is Asked to Lie[presentation]

As testers, our job is to report the current state of software quality on our projects. But in the high-stakes, high-risk business of software development, some may pressure us to distort the message.

Fiona Charles
End-to-End Testing in an Enterprise Agile Environment[presentation]

All too often, surprises occur late in development when independent projects-agile or not-at varying stages of completion must merge into a cohesive deliverable. These surprises often result in schedule slips and unfulfilled customer needs.

Billie Bell, Intuit, Inc.
Testing Lessons from Delivery Room Triage[presentation]

Bug triage, like labor and delivery triage, is about deciding on a course of action on the spot, often with minimal information to guide decision-making.

Rob Sabourin,


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